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Mini Well Ready

It is the first preloaded progressive multifocal aspheric IOL for mini incision with an innovative and unique optical profile able to offer high visual performances compared to the conventional diffractive IOLs. The optical development is based on the Wavefront Engineering for the presbyopia correction.


Mini WELL Ready
Material: Hydrophilic-hydrophobic Copolymer
Positioning: Bag
Total diameter: 10,75 mm
Diameter of optical surface: 6 mm
Vaulting: 5"
Optics shape : Aspheric biconvex / Concave convex
Square edge: Double
Estimated A constant: 118.6 (from +40 to 0) 119.9 (from -1 to -10)
Estimated A.C.D.: 5.32 mm (from +40 to 0) 6.08 mm (from -1 to -10)
Dioptric range: 0 a +30 (in 0.5 incr. from +18 to +25)
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